Looking for travel-related online jobs? You may earn money as you travel the globe with these remote jobs for travelers.

Many common travel-related vocations, like being a flight attendant or pilot, may transport you anywhere in the globe, but you can only work in certain locations and at certain times. They may be excellent choices, but for people like us, having a profession that we can take with us wherever we go would be more perfect.


You’ll want a strong, dependable internet connection for the majority of these tasks. Other than that, you should be able to do any of these tasks when traveling anywhere in the globe.


How can you locate the ideal online position for you? Here is a helpful list of common remote jobs you might wish to try, along with details on how much they pay and where to find them. Many of these works have been completed by us personally throughout the years!

Advice: Get a decent travel rewards credit card and charge all of your spending to it before you even leave for your trip. Budget carefully, pay off the card in full each month, then use the travel benefits toward your next vacations.

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Numerous writing projects need the services of freelancers. Although one of the most adaptable telecommuting travel professions available, the income sadly varies quite a bit. Writing articles for print or online outlets is sometimes part of the job description. Sometimes it involves ghostwriting or copywriting.

How much money is made by freelancing?

Depending on the project and the specialization, writers might earn anywhere from 10 cents to $2 per word. In general, you’ll get paid more if you can identify a strong niche, position yourself as an authority, and attract loyal customers. On the other hand, a fresh author without any experience or topic knowledge can find it difficult to get customers and receive payment.

As a travel blogger, I sometimes take on freelance travel writing assignments, but I’ve discovered that it’s challenging to get better paid travel writing projects (even with experience) (as in 50 cents a word or more).

Where can I locate possibilities for freelance writing?

There is a useful piece by travel bloggers Goats on the Road about travel magazines and how much they pay here if you’re interested in working as a freelance travel writer.

A nice location to check for remote employment, including writing positions, is FlexJobs.
In a somewhat unusual way, FlexJobs assesses potential employers for you. There is a tiny, fixed monthly price for FlexJobs, but since they screen every job posting, there is far less spam to go through.

One of the best job platforms for remote employment is FlexJobs, although there is a monthly cost (about $14.95 USD).

I’ve had work through Upwork (previously Elance) in the past, but I stopped using it since I discovered that purchasers tended to choose the lowest bid due to the intense competition.

A marketplace for independent authors is Freelance Writing Jobs. Genuine blogging possibilities are also featured on the ProBlogger Job Board.

You may work in academic settings, providing essay, paper, and similar writing services. A lot of these firms also provide academic editing services. At all academic levels, from PhD and masters level to undergraduate level, writers and editors are required.


Due to the higher income and distinct skill requirements, I’ve separated technical and medical writing from other types of freelancing.

Before I started blogging, I spent more than ten years working as a technical writer. I worked mostly online as a technical writer for the latter three years of that period while our family traveled extensively.

On technical or scientific themes, technical writers provide user manuals, training materials, and other things.

Even though most technical writers have university degrees, it is not necessary if you also hold a diploma in technical writing or have training or expertise in the fields of science, technology, or medicine. You’ll need the uncommon mix of technical, scientific, or medical expertise, as well as the capacity to express technical information simply and succinctly, to perform successfully. It is nearly usually necessary to have a technical writing credential, some training in technical communication, or both.

Technical writers may work for IT firms, pharmaceutical firms, academic publications, and virtually any business that needs expert technical writing for standard operating procedures or training materials.

How much is it worth?

The average technical writer makes between $30 and $50 per hour, but if you have specialized knowledge, you may make more. When I left my position as a senior technical writer around six years ago, I was making over $70 per hour.

What opportunities are there?

The Society of Technical Communication (STC) maintains a job bank for technical writers, but you must be a member to access it. Before I started writing, I spent almost ten years as a member of the STC. For $75, you may purchase a student membership. Local STC branches also list open positions in the area.

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The thought of earning money while traveling online frequently makes travel blogging appear like the perfect internet profession. It is among the greatest occupations you can travel with in certain aspects. While developing a blog, you have a lot of flexibility to roam.

The biggest problem is that it takes the majority of individuals a long time to support themselves from their blogs. Before you start earning any real money (and by real we mean roughly $1,000 USD per month), we’d estimate that it takes the majority of individuals around a year of diligent effort and blogging. We also know a number of bloggers who stopped writing since their costs finally exceeded their income.

Additionally, we can attest from personal experience that travel writing is far more difficult than it first seems to be. Writing and editing skills are a must, as are website design and maintenance, developing a brand, sales, marketing, social media, networking, photography, videography, affiliate marketing, and sound business judgment.

Check out the free materials on Digital Nomad Wannabe, the website of blogger Sharon Gournay, and her Facebook page to get started. You may learn a lot from her free stuff, but she also offers a course called Build Blog Freedom that has received excellent ratings.


This one is challenging. You may end up spending money on website hosting and website domain registration if you start a new travel blog. On the other hand, many successful bloggers make six figures annually. There is a great deal more information in this research from Two Monkey’s Travel Group. Nomadic Additionally, Matt provides a Superstar Blogging course. He offered a photography course, which I took and quite enjoyed.


An online assistant is basically what a virtual assistant (VA) is. Bookkeeping, web research, email management, trip planning, scheduling, lead creation, and general research are just a few of the activities that VAs do. The list of duties a VA may do is really infinite. Some, like Shopify VAs, focus particularly on a skill set, while others are more all-encompassing.

I’ve employed a virtual assistant (VA) as a travel blogger to handle my research, social media planning, and graphic design.

How much money is made by a virtual assistant?

Depending on your talents, the hourly rate is often $12 to $30. VAs have two employment options: they may be recruited as paid employees or work independently as freelancers.

Where can I locate job possibilities as a virtual assistant?

An outsourcing firm called Capital Typing offers virtual office services, but we’ve heard complaints claiming that the remuneration isn’t very good. Additionally, Upwork has a large number of VA job listings.

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