Best Tourist Places To Visit In Maldives

If you are looking to visit Maldives, Here are the best places for you to visit

Are you going to the Maldives and don’t know where to go? Do not be sad! Let us help you discover some of the best! And if choosing from so many attractions becomes difficult, have a quick list of the top 50 places to visit in the Maldives handy. Although not exhaustive, this list of the best places to stay in the Maldives helps you mark out all the most popular tourist destinations in the nation.

1. Malé Atoll – For Urban Vibes

The biggest city and most well-liked tourist attraction in the Maldives are North Malé Atoll, situated at the southernmost tip of Kaafu Atoll. It is a significant tourist destination in the Maldives. It was once called the Mahal as it was the residence of the royal dynasties and is now famous as the Isle of Kings. Rain falls practically every year in Male’s tropical monsoon environment. The year-round consistency of Male temperatures is its strongest feature.

Top Attractions in Male  : Grand Friday Mosque, Scuba Diving and Snorkeling, Male Fish Market, 

Male National Museum, Tsunami Memorial, Maldives Diving Club, 

Underwater Scooters

Best spot for gentlemen  : Centara Ras Fushi Resort & Spa, Hotel Octave, The Beehive

Best time to visit             : November to April

2. Sun Island – For Sparkling Beaches

Also known as the Island of the Sun, Nalaguraidhoo Island in South Ari Atoll is one of the main attractions of the Maldives. Some beautiful beaches are adorned with gorgeous tropical flowers and lush greenery that attract large numbers of tourists who want to bask in nature. With its stunning blue waters, sparkling beaches and beautiful holiday villages, the island guarantees a great deal of pleasure to its guests. Given its calmness and beauty, it is one of the perfect places to visit in the Maldives for couples and honeymooners.

Best time to visit Sun Island: The summer season, from March to April, is good for water sports.

The main attractions of Sun Island: diving, windsurfing and 

snorkelling, sauna and relaxation spa, Island Divers

Best places to stay: Sun Island Resort & Spa, Holiday Island Resort & Spa, LUX * South Ari Atoll,etc.

Best time to visit   : November to April

3. Banana Reef – For A Great Diving Experience

Located in the North Mal Atoll, Banana Reef is world famous for being one of the best dive sites in the world, adding it to the list of top attractions in the Maldives. In fact, it was the first dive site in the Maldives to be recognized for licensed diving and training. The banana-shaped reef is a block full of exuberant marine life, fantastic corals, magnificent reefs, ledges and caves. And thanks to the many adventure activities featured here, it is a favourite place to visit for those seeking adventure in the Maldives.

Banana Reef’s main attractions: underwater activities such as scuba diving, snorkelling, jet skiing on the coral reef; Places like Maldivian Victory, Hulhumal-, Alimatha Island, Biyadhoo Island, Manta Point

Best Places to Stay: Coco Bodhu Hithi, Paradise Island Resort & Spa, and Adaaran Prestige Ocean                                           Villas are luxury accommodations that will make you happy and relaxed.

Best time to visit    : May-July (for diving)

4. Alimatha Island – For Canoeing In Calm Waters

Located at the eastern tip of the Maldives, Alimatha Island is situated on Vaavu Atoll. With its clear blue waters suitable for diving, snorkelling and boating, the island is also the perfect place for a family vacation and a honeymoon, as it is considered one of the most romantic locations in the Maldives. Volleyball matches on sunny beaches and dazzling sands are great fun here. The Ayurvedic massage centre, spa, bars and restaurants make it a refreshing option among the popular tourist destinations in the Maldives.

Main attractions of Alimatha Island: diving, snorkelling and canoeing in Miyaru Kandu, Fotte                                                                           

5. Artificial Beach – For Action-Packed Watersports

Located in the North Mal Atoll, this beach is artificial, as its name suggests. It is the favourite place for swimming enthusiasts when departing from the places to visit in the Maldives. The artificial beach is an open space and has certain dress restrictions in accordance with local laws. The beach also hosts various carnivals, water sports and leisurely strolls, making it the best place for youngsters in the Maldives. Parties get better here when bands get together and perform.

Main attractions of the artificial beach: Shark Point, Manta Point, Massimo Thila, Kani Corner

Best places to stay: Island Guest House, Huraa East Inn, Ocean Cottage, Eriyadu Island Resort & Spa.

Best time to visit: November to April

6. HP Reef – For Corals And Caves

Located in the North Mal Atoll, HP Reef is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Maldives. It is a protected marine place that has seen the widespread presence of various sea creatures. From small, noxious and colourful fish to multicoloured corals, caves and ledges – the sea here teems with the liveliness of marine life. The sea creatures are protected with the utmost care, allowing avid swimmers and divers to dive into the waters only in safety, making it one of the best places to visit in Male Maldives.

HP Reef Highlights: Marine Life for Photography and Diving Enthusiasts

Lily Beach Resort & Spa is one of the best hotels., Seahouses TopDeck, The Somerset Hotel, and Hotel Jen Mal – Hotels near the Maldives.

Best time to visit: December to April

7. Fihalhohi Island – For A Thriving Marine Life

Located in the southern atoll of Kaafu in the Maldives, Fihalhohi Island is one of the most beautiful and attractive places in the Maldives to spend your well-deserved vacation. The island is beautifully surrounded by shady coconut palms, pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters. If you’re planning a honeymoon or searching for a romantic trip, you should definitely visit this island. The island offers a warm climate, which makes it an ideal place for water activities developed by visitors and the most exciting addition to the list of the best places to visit in the Maldives for a honeymoon. One of Fihalhohi Island’s outstanding features is the coral reef that surrounds the island, which is home to abundant marine life. With the opportunity to dive, you can experience marine life among the coral reefs and have memories that will last a lifetime. This island is also known for offering the best tropical treatments as well as Bali and other international treatments.

Fihalhohi Island Top Attractions: Fihalhohi Island Resort is close to Rannalhi and Rihiveli Beaches

Best locations to stay include Meeru Island Resort & Spa, Veligandu Island Resort, Fihalhi Island Resort., and Eriyadu Island Resort – easily accessible from the island.

Best time to visit: December to June

8. Utheemu Ganduvaru – For Exploring A Wooden Palace

Located in the northern part of the Maldives, Utheemu is one of the best places to visit in the Maldives. It is a small island that looks like a tiny green jellyfish. One of the historically significant tourist spots in the Maldives, it is the birthplace of Sultan Mohamed Thakurufaanu, revered in Maldivian history for driving out Portuguese intruders. The place has a monument called – Utheemu Ganduvaru, a historical building that you absolutely must see. Home to Sultan Muhammad, this wooden palace is one of the top tourist attractions in the Maldives.

Utheemu Ganduvaru’s main attractions: are Sultan Mohamed’s House, Old Cemetery, New Mosque, North Bank Beach, etc.

9. Biyadhoo Island – For Fresh Organic Produce

Among the top Maldives tourist destinations is another well-known island, Biyadhoo Island, located in South Male Atoll. Spread over ten acres, it is approximately 18 miles from South Mal International Airport and is situated near Makunufushi Island. The island is teeming with vegetation of bananas, coconuts, and mangoes, as well as cucumbers, kale, and tomatoes, too. The island is known as Scuba Diving Island due to its clear seas and thrilling water activities. Hence the name Scuba Diving Island.

Biyadhoo Island Top Attractions: Biyadhoo Island Resort, Snorkeling, Diving, Canoeing

10. Veligandu Island Beach – For Boundless Green Landscapes

Best places to stay: Cocoa Island by COMO, Arena Beach Hotel, Crystal Sands, Beachwood Hotel, Island Cottage, etc., are some of the nearby luxury hotels for your comfortable stay.

Best time to visit: November to February

Located in the North Ari Atoll, Veligandu Island is a relatively small island. However, although it is small, it has a unique splendour for vacationers. The island abounds with amazing greenery that provides immense serenity in this land of shimmering waters. In addition, the lagoons here offer great opportunities for diving and snorkelling. The island also promises to serve delicious cuisine close to a fishing village.

Veligandu Island Beach Main Attractions: Veligandu Island Resort & Spa, Snorkeling, Diving, Fishing, Visiting Villages

Best places to stay: Rasdhoo View Inn, Rasdhoo Dive Lodge, Ras Reef Guest House, Kuramathi Island Resort

Best time to visit: November to March

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