Most Beautiful Castles in the United States

Despite the fact that fairytale castles are more commonly associated with the medieval EuropeUnited States is home to many magnificent castles, mansions, and palaces – you just need to know where to find them. We’re rounding up America’s most enchanting castles, from Hearst Castle in California to the grand Biltmore Estate in North Carolina.Be sure to discover more ancient cities and historic architecture with our Mini Trips collection. Explore the forts and palaces of Malaga and Granada, or discover the artistic side of Barcelona with a cultural trip

Biltmore Estate, North Carolina

The Blue Ridge Mountains outside of After George Vanderbilt toured the region in 1889 and decided to build there, the Biltmore Estate near Asheville, North Carolina, took six years to complete. I was charmed by the beauty of it. The 250-room French Renaissance hotel was created by architect Richard Morris Hunt. Castle, while renowned landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted envisioned the grounds surrounding the castle, including the 15-acre (6 ha) azalea garden, which is home to some of the most beautiful native azaleas in the country. Today the estate has a vineyard and cellar, producing award-winning wines, and offers tours of the chateau, including the majestic banquet hall and bowling alley.

Boldt Castle, New York

This Rhenish-inspired castle sits on a small island in the Thousand Islands region of upstate New York, which in its day served as a haven for celebrities and the wealthy. Hotel tycoon George C. Boldt started construction of the castle in 1900 for himself and his cherished wife, Louise, to use as a vacation residence. Residence. Sadly, Louise passed away months before Boldt Castle was finished, and a distraught George abruptly put an end to it. The castle had been abandoned and was now whims of nature for over 70 years until the Thousand Islands Bridge Authority acquired it and restored it to its present glory. The Alster Tower, a drawbridge, and the 120-room castle are all part of the island estate. The Authority organizes tours of the castle and Heart Island, which it occupies.

The Breakers, Rhode Island

Another creation of the Vanderbilt family designed by architect Richard Morris Hunt, The Breakers is one of Newport’s most notable summer homes, built in the late 19th century, when the quaint coastal town of Rhode Island was the playground of America’s wealthiest families. Drawing inspiration from the Italian Renaissance palaces of Genoa and Turin in the 16th century, Hunt included the great dining room with its towering ceiling in the 70-room estate. They created free-standing columns and gilded cornices and recruited contemporary talent, such as the Austrian-American sculptor Karl Bitter to create relief sculptures. It is open to visitors year-round and is owned and operated by the Preservation Society of Newport County.

1892 Episcopal Palace, Texas


The Bishop’s Palace, often called Gresham’s House, was built in 1892. sits in the historic East End district of Galveston. It was built at the end of the 19th century for a lawyer with the Gresham family, an entrepreneur. Generally seen as being among the most crucial buildings in the world by architectural historians United States, the 1892 Bishop’s Palace was designed by famed local architect Nicholas J Clayton, who built the Victorian-style steel mansion and stone – a tough mix that endured the Great Galveston hurricane that destroyed much of the city. The opulent interior of the mansion includes a dramatic mahogany stairwell, numerous stained glass windows, and decorative wood carvings. You can look around or see areas that are usually closed to the public with a basement-to-attic tour.

Bannerman’s Castle, New York

A small island about 60 miles up the Hudson River from New York frames the ruins of Bannerman’s Castle. Early 20th-century construction was designed as an armory by Scottish-American munitions merchant Francis Bannerman. The castle was designed to resemble medieval Scottish fortresses. After Bannerman’s death in 1918, the structure fell into disrepair, and much of it was destroyed by a fire that started in 1969. As of this now, Bannerman Castle Trust controls the island and offers tours of the island in summer. It also hosts events such as barbecue picnics and concerts.

Amorosa Castle, California

In the northern part of Napa Valley, California, the Castello di Amorosa can be deceiving, like many castles in the United States; Although it looks like a 13th-century castle straight out of Tuscany, it actually opened in 2007 after a 15-year construction period. Designed by fourth-generation owner and winemaker Dario Sattui as a wine estate, the chateau is encircled by acres of vines that produce famed Italian-style wines. A drawbridge, and a great hall with 107 rooms, the majority of which are used for winemaking, are all included. Reproductions of Italian frescoes and even a prison and torture chamber.

Fonthill Castle, Pennsylvania

In Doylestown, Pennsylvania, at Fonthill Castle, an anthropologist, and potter Henry Chapman Mercer. Designed by Mercer and built between 1908 and 1912 to showcase his vast collection of tiles and prints, it is a pastiche of medieval, Gothic, and Byzantine styles and includes 44 rooms, 18 fireplaces, and over 200 windows; it became a museum after 1930 saw his passing. The history of American Lake in Lakewood, Washington, is considerably older. Popular local banker Chester Thorne and by Mercer in 1912 and located on the same grounds as Fonthill Castle, is where many of the tiles on show there were produced.

Iolani Palace, Hawaii

The only recognized royal home in America is Iolani Palace, which was built in 1882 in central Honolulu by King Kalakaua to enhance the prestige of the ancient kingdom of Hawaii as a modern nation abroad. When the United States overthrew the Hawaiian monarchy in 1893, the palace served as the Capitol building until it underwent a complete renovation and reopened as a museum in 1978. Inspired by European palaces, it is considered the only example of American Florentine architecture – a blend of Italian Renaissance and native Hawaiian architectural styles. It’s considered a cultural center in Hawaii, and special tours are available, including a white glove tour in search of treasures ranging from cabins to the mansion’s penthouse.

Lyndhurst Mansion, New York

The Lyndhurst Mansion was built in Tarrytown, New York, on the shore of the Hudson River. Famed architect Alexander Jackson Davis built it in 1838. One of the greatest is the neo-Gothic structure. Buildings in America and had several resident notables. Since its construction, including New York Mayor William S Paulding Jr and railroad tycoon Jay Gould. Tours of the palace, including its art gallery, which features paintings such as La Madone des Roses by French artist William-Adolphe Bouguereau, are available on Fridays and weekends.

Thornewood Castle, Washington

Although built in the early 20th century, Thornewood Castle – on the shores of the history of American Lake in Lakewood, Washington, is considerably older. Popular local banker Chester Thorne and builder dreamed of building a house in the Tudor Gothic style and, after buying an English mansion 400 years ago, painstakingly dismantled, transported, and rebuilt it with the help of the architect Kirtland Kelsey Cutter. Now an inn, Thornewood Castle offers guests access to the estate’s private dock, lakeside beach, and beautiful sunken “Secret Garden” designed by the famed Olmsted Brothers, sons of Frederick Law Olmsted.

Hammond Castle, Massachusetts

Inspired by his time in England as a child and falling in love with the region’s castles, American inventor John Hays Hammond Jr built the magnificent Hammond Castle for him between 1926 and 1929. It serves as his home and workshop. Built using a combination of native stone and various Roman, Medieval, and Renaissance artifacts that Hammond collected during his travels in Europe, the castle overlooks the scenic Gloucester Harbor in Massachusetts and is now a museum. Today you can visit its enchanting rooms, such as the exclusive inner courtyard made up in part of medieval display cases that Hammond found on a trip to France and ramen born in the United States.


Are there any actual castles in America?

From a 165-room castle overlooking California’s Pacific Coast to a castle estate on an island in upstate New York, these stunning castles can be found all across the nation.

Which US state has a castle from the Middle Ages?

Castle Hammond in Massachusetts

A castle in the style of the Middle Ages, Hammond Castle, is located above Gloucester Harbor in Massachusetts. John Hayes Hammond, Jr., an eccentric American inventor and student of Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell, built it between 1926 and 1929.

Where may one find castles in America?

The only recognized royal palace in the country is Iolani Palace, which is situated in the heart of Honolulu, Hawaii. From 1882 until 1893, the last two kings of the island resided there. After that, it went into ruin until it was restored and reopened in 1978.

Which castle is the only one of its kind in North America?

The Liberty Entertainment Group’s Casa Loma, the only full-sized castle in North America and Toronto’s top historic site, allows you to experience the grandeur and majesty of the Edwardian period.

Are there any castles in Texas?

One of the state’s National Historic Landmarks is the Bishop’s Palace Castle in Texas, also called the Gresham House. Galveston is where the castle is. For Colonel Joseph Gresham and his wife, the building was constructed.

Are there any castles in Florida?

There are a lot of castles in Florida, including chateaus, mansions, and palaces! Florida castles nearly effortlessly meld history, architecture, and nature. These historical sites are magnificent in every way. These castles compete with those in Europe, making them well-liked tourist destinations.

Who is the owner of the largest castle on Earth?

The family residence of the British kings and queens for for a thousand years has been Windsor Castle, the oldest and biggest inhabited castle in the world. It is Her Majesty The Queen’s formal residence and still functions as a functional royal palace today, housing around 150 personnel.

Are there any castles in Arizona?

Many visitors staying in Phoenix visit the Arizona tourist destination Tovrea Castle. It is advised to make reservations in advance since tickets tend to sell out fast. The castle offers guided tours and has more than 5000 cactus on its property.

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